Friday, July 16, 2010

V-Lock Deck Mounting System for yacht

V-Lock Deck Mounting System
Cool Mobility Pty Ltd is now the Australasian distributor for "V-Lock Universal Mounting Sytem" equipment.

V-Lock uses can be seen on my website but range from easily mounted: BBQs, tables, solar panels, instruments (GPS, Tak-Tik), and fishing gear that can be quickly stored away for safety and to prevent having sheets getting caught on gear when sailing.
Wholesale enquiries are also welcomed.

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See other Videos of the V-Lock System

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Signage went onto the yacht yesterday in metalic charcol vinyl cut lettering.

I had designed the lettering based upon a font I'd found called Cadillac - I then broke it apart, tweaked some letter shapes, stretched the kerning individually, made all letters join together, created a new Cap 'M', and then saved all as an EPS file for the signwriter to cut from directly.

Out of interest, the side graphic is 2000mm long and the rear one about 900mm long (after trimming extra tails of M & e).

We are very happy with the result and are considering adding a Southern Cross to each side in silver and charcoal vinyl.

We've also had the faded and stained toerails painted in just "Killrust Black" paint and it makes a huge difference to the look of the hull. Time will tell if the Kill-Rust paint was the right choice but it is what the mast builder used on our new mast after cold anodising. Fingers crossed!!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New Windows Fitted in Cabin

After seven months since their removal, the new windows were installed today and look great. You can see the new deck paint job (white gloss with grey decktread), reattached toerails, stanchions and safety wires.

Next job is applying the name graphics I designed.

Monday, July 27, 2009

New Custom Windows Purchased

The fiasco over replacing the cabin windows has had a happy ending (hopefully). With the delay, I was given advice after the unmatched set of windows were removed. I was advised that: rather than have the current trend of acrylic siliconed and screwed to the face of the window surrounds, to get proper framed windows. The face fitting method is difficult to get right and waterproof, whereas the framed units tend to be easier to fit without leaking and add strength to the cabin.

I was advised to try Aquarian Marine Windows at Factory 5, 28-30 Lipton Drive, Thomastown VIC 3074, Ph.(03) 9469 5811 and talk to Paul. He advised that rather than have one window made that would only slightly match the old one to have both windows built new. New rubber seals in old alloy frames are not as good a seal as new rubber in new frames. When he quoted the price of just $250 with me picking up and delivering FOR TWO FRAMES and WINDOWS, I had no logical choice but to say yes! I'd been quoted that much per window for just the face mounted cut out acrylic by two boat builders! When I dropped off the new windows at the boat builder, he was surprised at how low cost they were.

Yesterday, I picked up the new beautiful black powder coated frames with new smoke acrylic 10mm bigger all round than the old ones so that by tracing new frames and recutting holes a perfect fit is possible. They look a 'million bucks' and fitting will be easier too. I can certainly recommend Aquarian Marine Windows as the place to get custom rolled windows - might even get a new hatch made one day! Paul actually said he likes the little jobs (where other manufacturers won't touch small custom jobs) so a perfect source for those of us refitting old craft. Take along the old unit and get all new ones made rather than put new acrylic in old frames would be my advice.

We are so looking forward to seeing them fitted and our boat become dry again, after so many months with flow through ventilation when the plastic comes unstuck. Possible fitting date is tomorrow - photos of finished job when that is done. It will really look like we are making progress when they are in.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Toerails and Stanchion Reinstallation

My problem of boat builders not doing promised work (and lately losing valuable parts they were supposed to have fitted!) led me to trying an add for people interested in paintting our deck in the Gumtree Classified Website. Among the numerous respondents was an Irish guy and his Pommy mate (a professional house painter from England) who were very easy to work with, trustworthy (they'd ring when they were late starting) and they did a great job preparing, undercoating and topcoats of single pack deck paint and decktread by brush. The fickle Melbourne weather smiled upon us and despite dubious weather reports, they only had to stop once due to a very local shower and the temperatures were just high enough.

One Pom replaced another (who left to travel round Oz) to install the toerails and stanchions and the job was done much faster than if a boat builder had been employed. Sure you need to find the right guys and work with them to advise what needs to be done exactly, but at least these guys listened, unlike many boat builders. Also these guys loved doing a job that was more of a challenge and interesting, rather than normal building labourer jobs.

Question to Doug Sharpin (original boat builder) - "We removed the toerails for a new topside paint job (not an easy task as some bolts were bent and wouldn’t come out yet others had already been ripped out and toerails very loose). I’m curious what the bolts are bedded into – is it glass poked down into the space between skins or just filler. Amazingly tough but strange to have bolts not screws into just GRP. Incredible that even with an impact driver, two bolts had to be cut off as could not be removed!"

Answer from Doug - "The bolts AND rails were holding and clamping the deck moulding to the hull flange and all assembled with resin and asbestos!! powder mix known generally in the trade of those days as "bog" - the bolt heads were also siliconed under the heads but in pulling the joint down the bog squeezed out and filled the recess in the rail as well as tight around the bolts hence the tight bolts to try and waterproof this join. Incidently the toerails came from a Company in Huntingdale called Briggs Marine, now Adcast."

Our toerails are now back on but not without complications. For future info of Holland 25 owners, I pass on this info -Toerails and stanchions bolted with 1/4" x 1" bolts into nuts at less than 1/2" below deck level, 3/4" below toerail surface. Where the nuts remain and are held solid, it is easy to bolt back into these.

HOWEVER, where the nuts have been pulled out you need to drill out bog and loose nut or it will lock any bolt or self tapper you try and use. Where nuts are still there and have worked loose you will not be able to remove the bolt as it will just turn so only options are to leave, cut off, drill out. I left two cut off bolts in situ as too much damage to remove. Moved one stanchion base as nuts were unable to be captured but caught on 1 1/2" self tappers.

We reattached toerails using 1" long self-tappers into holes filled with bog and redrilled, with Sikaflex on srews to seal and bond. Five stanchions and pullpit were bolted back using bolts that luckily caught the nuts below with one moved a bit and self tappers used. Everything straight and solid again with vertical stanchions (I had a couple of bent ones straightened while removed and all sanded to a consistent finish). Straight wires and toerails (even though black toerail anodising stained and faded) looks great and a big relief to have them finally back on.Removal of toerails is not to be enterred into lightly!!!

The yacht has now obviously reached the point where other Club members are asking regarding "launch date" but still work to be done that makes putting a date on it impossible.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Topsides New Paint Job

Well not a lot has happened on Mystique apart from temporary removal of the toerails and the new colour grey for the topsides being applied in two pack.

Quite a change from the old faded blue, don't you think? We think it looks great but the photo against the grey wall does not do it justice.

This was done while Moira and I went on a holiday so I only have photos of the finished job. The white band is about 60mm high at the sides. Once the black toerail is replaced and new name graphics (also intending to be black) it should look great on the water.

We have had problems with boat builders still - he finally fitted the windows after 5 months but fitted one in old frame and the other face attached! When I said WHY he claimed that was what I requested, yet we had this argument when the plastic cutter had supplied one of each. We were then advised to instead of having both glued face onto the cabin, to get two new frames made (which we had previously been told was not possible to get custom frames). So windows were both removed AGAIN and I went off to get two new alloy framed and powder coated windows made. Should get these next week...

Also having the deck brush painted in white with grey deck tread areas while all the bits are off, if this strange clear weather holds. Then we'll reinstall the toerails and other cabin top gear. The tasks will keep slowly being done, hopefully!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Holland 25 Forum Created for Everyone

I created a Holland 25 Forum website at to hopefully provide a venue for the many Aussie Holland 25 owners to share photos, design and repair tips/hints, and possibly create an informal "Holland 25 Owner Group" in the future. It may even assist in revival of interest in the IOR Quarter Tonner Class yachts that were part of our sailing history.

I encourage any Holland 25 owners to view the Forum site and hopefully join the FREE membership site. We hope to read of your yachts online soon.